Your spot is held for each new term until the week ending the previous term.

BOOK VIA EMAIL and make payment (full or deposit) within 3 days to confirm your position (details below).


BOOK VIA EMAIL, complete ENROLMENT FORM and make payment within 3 days of booking (details below)

PREFER A TRIAL CLASS? Is the cost of a casual class. It is deducted from the overall costs if you purchase more.

Painting Equipments

Book, Enrol & Pay

PLEASE NOTE: website is being updated - more info for children/teens coming!


In-Studio and Online classes.

Class numbers: 8 participants (in-studio) Online may include extras.

Our terms generally follow QLD school terms.

Current Student Bookings - spots are held temporarily until the end of each term

Bookings are on a First In Best Dressed after that.






Mondays at our Studio @ 16 Marfayley Street, Salisbury. 

Visit our local coffee shop 'Apples on Ainsworth' Street.

PARKINGTo respect council and neighbours, please park on the same side of the studio. 

NOISE - Keep noise to a minimum, please do not linger outside the studio, and do not advertise our private address.


Miss a class? 2 catch up classes may be booked in the other Monday classes online or in-studio (only) within a term, 

Only if another appropriate adults or children's class is being run, and if SPACE is available. Please ask!


Classes have size limits, especially with COVID restrictions. Online participation is an option if in-studio class positions are full.

Missed classes cannot be used in the following term. Stay home if unwell. Participate online via Zoom for classes if unwell.


UNWELL? Stay home and participate via Zoom.

During lockdowns, classes will run via Zoom - don't worry! They work well!


1.  BOOK VIA EMAIL for classes in any capacity (term/half term/casual).

Or make immediate payment. For casuals - payment of 1 casual class required to secure a position.

--> Bookings are confirmed only when payment (full or deposit) is received.

2.  ENROLMENT FORM - Our one stop shop of relevant information, including our Terms and Conditions & Refunds info! 

Please read and fill in Page 2 of the PDF below. Use Adobe to fill and sign - no printing required; or paper copies are available in the studio.

Return via email or in person ( Electronic signatures are acceptable.

ENROLMENT FORM: may be regularly updated. Please check back here and download the latest form to keep informed. LAST UPDATE: 16 August 2021


Via direct deposit* (preferred). 

Credit Card (add 2.9% fee) If paying by credit card, please email the completed information below or call us. Details will be deleted. 

PayPal (+2.9% fee) please request an invoice from us.

Cash payments acceptable – but a deposit via electronic means is required to secure a position.

Account Name: Jessica Malousis

BSB: 182182

Acct No: 002776722 

Use your name as the reference

Credit Card details, we need:

  • Card Name

  • Card Number

  • Expiry Date

  • CVV (number on back of card)

  • Email address for Electronic Receipt

Deposits: A deposit of $50 reserves your position in any capacity

If there are problems or you require a payment plan, please contact me as soon as possible.