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Please join the Zoom class a few minutes before start time

Online classes via Zoom are interactive and you will be taught as if you are physically in the class - from a learning perspective and socially! The class structure involves lessons based around your artworks of choice, with optional warm ups and lessons/micro-lessons tailored to creative and skills based needs within the bounds of the class.


  • Warm Up tasks at the start of some lessons (optional; approx. 10 mins). You may continue these into art pieces if you wish.

  • Working on your painting or drawing of choice; or the lesson planned for that class. I will provide feedback and teaching one by one.

  • Email me any images you may be using before class, so I am prepared!


  1. A painting or drawing (or an idea/image/picture/inspiration) ready to go! Treat this like you would be in the Artful Snippets Studio in person. Have all of your materials, such as: image/photograph/inspiration (printed is best, iPad is okay), canvas or paper. ​IMAGE PREPARATION TIPS HERE

  2. Prepare! You may prepare your canvas or paper as much as you feel confident to do so. Eg. gesso on canvas, and paint a plain background if needed. If you are working from an image or photograph and have the confidence to do so, please transfer a drawing of it onto your canvas or paper.

  3. Good lighting! A MUST HAVE! Not positioned directly in front of your camera. This will create a dark silhouette of you and your artwork. 

  4. Warm Up materials! 1 or 2 A3 sheets of paper (A4 will be okay), pencil, piece of charcoal and a couple of coloured pencils if you have them.

  5. A few random items you may like to draw as a warm up. Eg. A cup and teapot/ blind or single line contour drawings.

  6. Internet connection with internet browser or the Zoom App.

  7. 1 - 2 devices with video and microphone (laptop, ipad/notebook or smart phone). If you can set up two, please do.


  • Warm up task at the start of each lesson (approx. 10 mins, optional).

  • IN-CLASS Teaching and feedback on individual art pieces.

  • OUT OF CLASS: 1-2 emails with feedback on artworks emailed in between classes.

  • Or you may wish to be provided with a painting or drawing direction. Our lessons are based on the individual within the confines of a small group (max. 6 students). ​

  • Both will include micro lessons (fine art skills) based on the individual or small group needs. These will adapt to suit you as your skills grow!

  • Painting and drawing skills (acrylic, oil, soft pastels, graphite/coloured pencil drawing).

You are ready!

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