You will find all the important information here - including current payment options and enrolment. For Term Dates, please view the 'Timetable' page under the 'ABOUT' tab above.

For current payment information, including how to pay for classes and term dates - click on the link. 

TERM DATES: 2 classes only for Term 2. 16th and 23rd April. 2 Weeks.


CURRENT STUDENTS: deposits/payments MUST be made by 13th April 2018 to confirm your position. As we work on a numbers basis, we don't want our regulars to miss out on a spot! Based on first in, best dressed. If we don't receive a payment by the due date, your position could go to someone else.

DEPOSITS: A deposit reserves your position and is the cost of a casual class (E.g. adults $38; Junior children: $25; Senior children: $35). A trial class is also the cost of a casual class. It is non-refundable. 

Current 2018 Enrolment information and form for all students to read and sign. Paper copies are available in the studio. 

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Image Preparation - New Students Adult Classes

This will give you information about how to prepare any images you require for your first class. Drawing course students will require images towards the end of the course.

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Preparing For Your First Class - Children/Teens Classes

Information for our parents of our Junior and Senior art students regarding: materials list and how to prepare for your first class.

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