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Please join the Zoom class a few minutes before start time

Please DO NOT share our Meeting ID/Password online


It is optional to download and use the Zoom App. You do not need to sign up to use it.

You may join the meeting using your internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Chrome) or the App.


Select: Join A Meeting

Enter Meeting ID: 278 385 7647

Password: 106976

(The Meeting ID is actually 'artfulsnip' in numbers!)

  1. DOWNLOAD ZOOM for your Laptop or Zoom Cloud Meetings from your APP store.

  2. Open Zoom App and CLICK: Join a Meeting. 

  3. Enter the Meeting ID and Password to join.

  4. Turn on your Video and Audio. (If using 2 devices at once, turn off Audio on one of them).


If you do not have the App, use your internet browser! Here is the clickable LINK:



You need:

  • Internet connection

  • Good lighting - above or beside you and your art work (not directly facing camera) . If your main light source faces your camera (eg. a window), it will create a dark silhouette of you and your artwork.

  • 1 x Laptop, ipad/notebook or smart phone with camera & microphone. If you can set up two, please do.

  • OPTIONAL - 2 DEVICES DIALLED IN. We can discuss this option during our first class. If you have a laptop/computer with camera, as well as a phone dialled into our class – you will be able to ‘show’ me with your phone or iPad close ups of your work without having to move the painting or drawing. Otherwise, you can move the painting up to the camera to show me. One of your devices MUST be muted – otherwise you’ll get a voice over happening.


We will have teething issues so please be patient


There have been some issues regarding strangers joining or interrupting Zoom meetings. However, from what I understand, this occurs if THE Security Measures are not used. Online security and privacy is of utmost importance to me! Zoom is being used by educational institutions around Australia. As the Host, I will use the necessary tools to prevent issues. Please do NOT share the meeting details and password online. If we all follow these guidelines, there should be no privacy concerns. For further peace of mind, please do not share important personal information or documents over the course of the class. Having a password protected Zoom class protects hacking from occurring. Only authenticated users will join the meeting. 

More information:

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