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Follow your creative path (drawing, painting, mixed media or sculpture) through Artful Snippets - my local Brisbane collaboration in Salisbury of art classes, courses and workshops designed, taught and run by artists and qualified art teachers.


Enjoy a relaxed & social art studio where you will learn the skills required and we will help you along your chosen creative path. Our qualified visual arts teachers will direct you where to begin or if you already create, how to develop your art pieces. It is as serious as you want to take it.


For beginners through to the more advanced student. We will teach you to develop creative confidence and the how to's in developing necessary fine art skills.

"But I can't make art!"


This is PERFECT for YOU - beginners of all ages and types who have never touched a pencil or paintbrush - and those who already have a love for art. We teach art concepts and techniques in most art forms.

Many of our students were brand new to the arty world - but with our teaching, guidance and a little perseverance they are experiencing success & enjoyment.



Art satisfies our creative needs. Use art to create a little happiness  - it can keep you grounded in tough times.

ART is also about learning how to trust your 'gut'. It is a FACT that creativity is therapy for the soul. It is one of our personal endeavours to see more 'local' people experience this first hand - we are a part of an amazing community of people who NEED art, as a hobby, for relaxation or to become a practicing artist! To enjoy all that our senses can offer... to learn while having fun and socialising... for sense of fulfilment... for an outlet unlike any other. The creative and fine arts connects all modes of thinking, challenging both 'left and right' brained thinking


A few of the art mediums and techniques we teach include:

Acrylic painting

Oil Painting

Drawing course/skills - basic through to advanced

Coloured pencils


Soft pastels



Sketching from life

Travel journaling

Clay making

Mixed media (combination of art materials including collage techniques in art journaling)



We recommend joining for a whole term - during this time you will be able to see your art develop & finish on a high with completed art pieces.


Class sizes are limited for quality teaching purposes and are based on Terms generally following the Queensland school timetable. Priority for placement is given to already enrolled students. We pride ourselves on excellent teaching - and are constantly making art ourselves, working on our own skills and art pieces.


Day and evening classes are available; we also create new classes based on expressions of interest. Join us for a casual trial class to see if you like it! If you want to join for more classes, we have some packages available. The cost of a trial class will be deducted if you decide to continue for the term (we are sure you will!), you pay the difference. 

Please see the price list for class fees.

Day and evening classes available - get started any time!
Perfect for full time or shift workers with our Half Term option available at a pro-rata rate.


Our teachers are exhibiting professional or emerging artists who inspire others to develop creative confidence in most art forms. We run weekly painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture and clay making classes and courses (based on QLD school terms). We also offer weekend and school holiday workshops based on interest.

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