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Our classes are studio based with lessons taught based on foundational fine art skills in drawing, painting and mixed-media with a contemporary twist - students have individual choice and challenge is provided and guided!


Run by an artist and qualified teacher

Small groups

Studio style 

Choice, variety & self-directed

Designed to mentor, teach skills effectively, and build creative confidence

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A detailed explanation of our class structure and style is emailed upon inquiry.

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Our school art classes are perfect for children and teen, girls and boys of most ages.

We design art lessons/courses to teach children traditional and

modern fine art skills and techniques. 


Do you have a child with an interest in art? Or talent? Or perhaps a struggling learner? Or a child/teen who needs something uplifting and positive with a social aspect? Or maybe you'd like to foster your child's LOVE for everything arty?




Creating art can do a lot of things, wonders even, for people of all ages especially children and our adolescents. It helps to bridge the gap between success and struggle for a child who feels unsuccessful at school, requiring that one thing to feel successful at. 


  • Art is a kinaesthetic approach to learning.

  • Art incorporates creative and analytical thinking

  • Art encompasses all the different learning styles and multiple intelligences.

  • Creativity is on the top of the learning pyramid, according to Bloom's Taxonomy (the teaching and learning scale great teachers use to design interesting and powerful lessons!).




We provide a balance between direct instruction, lessons and studio time. Students work on chosen fine art pieces as well as techniques.


Learning how to paint, draw and create an art piece is like learning how to play an instrument or ride a bicycle - it takes time and practise. To develop creative confidence, fine art skills also require learning, play, experimenting, technical development of skills, time, practise and patience.



A flexible plan or course outline is designed by our teachers together with our older students at the start of each term (eg. inspirational topics/ art materials/art history etc). Our younger students receive more structured instruction. Each student takes on board the theme or topic and develops from there. Once each student develops confidence, they have the freedom to develop artworks in their own areas of interest. Our focus is on teaching and developing fine art skills. Some of our older students have developed high school portfolios or completed university subjects under our guidance. Students are encouraged with opportunities to explore different materials and techniques.

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Join us on an art adventure!


Examples of our student work above!

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