Fine Art Works


I work in a range of multi modal areas. I am currently developing a body of work based on wonderment in ordinary everyday objects, things and little creatures within our man-made and natural environments, specifically environments which I am closely connected to. I aim to juxtapose and direct the predictable and unpredictable both in application of materials as well as conceptually.

Below are selected works including some that are experimental - painting, drawing and mixed media. I also maintain a life drawing practice. 

Past Works demonstrating a range of subjects and mediums

SMALL Works - Process

Process Pieces

Small sizes - generally around 8 x 8 - 10 x 12 inches.


I consider these works to be process, play and learning pieces. They are small with most of them completed within a time limit of 1-2.5 hours. 


With a busy schedule, these give an opportunity to problem solve smaller pieces, focusing on specific elements. 

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Images used on this website are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets including original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes.