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Testimonials & Feedback

Read more about Jess (our main teacher) and Artful Snippets here - WEEKEND NOTES ARTICLE


(Can't draw a straight line, Jess can show you how; 22 Aug, 2014)


I really enjoy your class and instruction, you have been a force of motivation for me, and I am very particular about the people I respond to. Thanks for all your guidance and teachings thus far. I cant wait until next semester... I love your class.


Jess you are a great teacher and I like the fact that you don't let us sit in our 'comfort zone' - you have taught me so much and I really appreciate you. Thanks again.


You are a fantastic teacher and I am inspired and excited about the future journey with you at Artful snippets!!


Directive and informative with plenty of exploration of different techniques. Exploring different techniques and being pushed out of one's comfort zone to try different ideas. 

I love you as a teacher - you are so encouraging and it keeps me wanting to work hard and do more and more!  


Thank you so much for an amazing experience and great time I had at your studio, and skills I learned.


I like that all different options and styles are encouraged, and the one on one time is good as well as other students feedback on your work. It's an easy going atmosphere, which also allows you to focus on your own art. I thoroughly enjoyed every class.


Thank you for your never ending encouragement...


It is casual and relaxed. The people who come along are friendly and encouraging. Your approach is casual and enthusiastic; it is clear you have a passion and enjoy what you are doing. Sometimes you change your mind about the direction we are heading however this allows us to work on different things at a time.

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