Children's classes include most materials that are stocked in the studio. For example: paint, clay, watercolours, drawing materials and other basics. Canvases & some other specialty artist materials are not stocked. However, the use of canvases and these speciality materials are optional. Parents will be required to purchase canvases and texture mediums.


All classes include structured fine art lessons based on teaching and learning experiences designed to meet the needs of our students as a group, plus individual micro lessons and studio time. Studio time involves time for students to be working on art pieces of their choice with guidance and one-on-one feedback.


Classes are generally capped at 10 term paying students (+ possibly 1 or 2 casual attendees), however most classes are smaller based on the discretion of the teacher. Small class sizes allow for quality feedback and instruction.


See our CURRENT TIMETABLE for term length and class availability.



Price List

Junior Children's Art Classes

7 - 10/11 year olds, mature 6 year olds welcome. Includes most materials.


MONDAYS 3:30-4:30pm


Term Rate: $20 per class (upfront payment for term). Term lengths vary. Eg. 10 weeks - $200 upfront payment in week 1.


Casual Classes: $25 per class. 



Senior Children/Teens Art Classes

11 years old to teenagers welcome. Includes most materials.

Mature teens (16 + years) may join adult classes with discretion of the teachers.


MONDAYS 4:30-6pm


Term Rate: $30 per class (upfront payment for term). Term lengths vary. Eg. 10 weeks - $300 upfront payment in week 1. 


Casual Classes: $35 per class.



Please note: payments are to be made via direct deposit, cash or PayPal (+2.5%) - we currently don't have Credit Card facilities available. Direct deposit details are in our enrolment form, emailed upon confirmation of class attendance.

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Please Note:  Images of artworks within this website that are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets includes original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes. These have been created by our beginner and experienced students and teacher unless stated otherwise. Mixed media, drawing, painting & sculpture.