Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our beautiful creative community

How do I book a Class or Workshop?

Our bookings are personalised. Please email and we'll go from there! During some weeks we answer emails on Mondays only.

What is your address?

Great question! As a private working studio located in Salisbury, Brisbane, we don't advertise our address. It is emailed when a booking or inquiry is made.

What is your Covid-19 policy?

QR CHECK IN & VACCINATION REQUIRED according to Government policies.

We value your health and safety. Online ZOOM classes are run at the same time as studio classes - this means if Covid-19 interrupts your plans or you are sick, you may still attend your class online! It's easy to use and we will guide you.

Or book a catch up class if there is space available in another appropriate class. View our Covid-19 plan here. We abide by government policies for Covid-19 where applicable. By attending our classes, you agree to follow Government regulations and advice. Classes are run online as normal via ZOOM during lockdowns or other situations limiting in-studio numbers.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes we do! Purchase a casual class as a trial, and if you continue this will be deducted from the cost of your class fees. We offer specials for trials on occasion - please join our Newsletter!

Do you have online classes?

Yes we do. These are run live in the same manner as the in-studio class, via Zoom. Our online students are a part of the class! We have been using effectively ZOOM since 2020.

How do your regular classes work?

Intimate studio style based on a subject and medium of your choice - designed, adapted and taught to suit the individual, including how to find YOUR style or visual voice - in varieties of drawing and painting skills; adults and children/teens. Limited beginners accepted each term quality teaching. READ MORE HERE

Are beginners accepted?

Yes! We love beginners - even if you cannot draw a stick figure! We are very good in empowering creative confidence based on skills.

How large are your regular classes?

Adults classes are limited to 8 students, however we often maintain smaller groups. Class size is based on the discretion of the teacher and the needs of the students. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of the individual, small classes are valued. 

Children & Teens classes are also limited to 8 students, often smaller.

Class sizes are also limited to the available studio space or Covid-19 Government limitations. Other workshops and events may have different sizes.

Missed a class?

Book a catch up class if there is space available in another appropriate class - either in-studio or online. Class sizes are limited, so please ask.

How Can I Make Payment?

We accept bookings via email only at this stage - we like to keep our communication personalised. Direct Deposit is our preferred method of payment. Credit Card and cash are available. Payment information is emailed upon booking.

Where can I purchase Art Supplies?

We recommend the Art Shed Brisbane for art supplies. We also have a small supply available for purchase in our studio, including reasonably priced Drawing Kits specific to our courses.

Art Shed Brisbane

274 Montague Rd, Brisbane City QLD 4101
Phone: (07) 3846 1330

Can I leave class early?


Is There Parking Available?

Plenty of street parking - be aware of street signs and our neighbours.

Is There Public Transport?

Yes! Bus stops are available a short walk from our Salisbury studio. Please email for our location - as a private studio we do not advertise our address online. Check with Translink for more information.

Do You Have Air-Conditioning?

No. Plenty of fans and ventilation. Our studio is relatively cool in summer.

I would like more information about your classes?

Please email! We have detailed information available explaining exactly how we structure our classes.

Do You Hold Blue Cards?

Yes! Any teacher working with under 18 year-olds holds a current blue card or is a current registered Australian teacher able to work with minors.