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Art workshops at Artful Snippets are set art tasks designed to invigorate, inspire and challenge your colleageues. The workshop will include teaching set skill skets with art pieces completed within the designated time. Our corporate workshops are designed to suit those with absolutely NO art experience, providing both challenge within a supportive environment.


Workshops are organised to run on a day and time best for your business. 



We have a range of corporate workshops available or let us know what you would like to do. We will design a workshop tailor made for your team. 


Corporate workshop prices are on a quote basis; each workshop is designed for the specific business and team in mind. Costs vary based on what is being taught, time and materials required to complete the workshop.


Each team in a corporate workshop will complete an art piece ready for display at your place of business or individually. Your team members work as a team or can complete art pieces for themselves in the same environment.


Corporate art workshops can be designed to cater for a more masculine or feminine look, and will e designed to suit your business.


We will ask for some details about your team/business and any ideas you have. We will then provide you with a few workshop ideas and you select which suits best.



We can come to you or you can come to us in Salisbury.

Why choose art for a

corporate experience



Creativity - whether you think you have it or not, is refreshing and connects our thinking in ways nothing else does. 


In education and learning of ALL levels, creativity is at the top of the thinking skills 'ladder.' It requires reflective skills and is fun. Scientifically, our brain works best when having fun.

See Bloom's Taxonomy for what this means.


If you would like an experience for your team which invigorates - include a creative element during your professional development days. 

Workshops are tailor Made

to your business.


No previous creative experience necessary - complete beginners welcome.

A recent study proving the physical and emotional benefits of actively creating:




A workshop is unique to your corporation - this includes motto, team building philosophy and colour scheme - which can be completed in the time frame available.


Let's discuss options! 


Give us a call or send an email through to:

Workshop Ideas - small or large groups
  • Painting?

  • Abstract design on canvas?

  • A representation of your business as a painting?

  • Sculpture?

  • Clay piece?

  • Pouring paint?

  • Darts and paint!?

  • A super large canvas or trio of canvases for your office wall?

  • A creative textured painting?

  • A life drawing class?

  • Collaborative or individual pieces?

10453343_268267640028128_2671604820306681874_n (2).jpg
Life Drawing Class for Beginners
It's Raining Paint workshop
A watercolour class
A still life drawing workshop
A textured painting

use HISTORY as inspiration

History? huh?

Yeah - that's right. Look into Art History, Modernism to be more precise for ideas for an art workshop. Have a look at the images below of some artworks created by well known artists in history.


For ideas - look at the artworks produced by:

Jonas Gerard

Paul Klee

Jackson Pollock

Dorrit Black

Michael Keck (animal/abstract prints)

Modernism art

Post-modernism art

Abstract paintings

Contemporary art

Wall art

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