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Jessica Malousis

Artist & Teacher - Careers in teaching and art



Jessica is the main teacher/tutor and proprietor of Artful Snippets studio and art school - it is through her private studio she runs fine art and mixed media weekly art classes, workshops and occasional courses. She is an emerging Brisbane artist working in photography, fine art and mixed media; and a life-long learner.


Through her art school, Jessica aims to provide high quality fine art teaching and learning accessible to the local community and minority groups without the need for tertiary education. Students are mentored personally in their creative journeys - whether for health, as a hobby or more seriously. Her personal philoshopy to be brave and not be afraid of making mistakes are gems influenced by her childhood teachers, of which have held her in good stead in both her teaching and creative careers.


From a family of creatives, Jessica's interests in creative forms began from as early as she can remember and became known as the messy creative.


Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual Arts) and a Bachelor of Secondary Education with First Class Honours. Throughout her studies, she worked as a teacher's aide in a Special Needs Unit. Jessica began teaching full time upon graduation at a local low socio-economic Brisbane primary school with a class of fully integrated students with special needs, rejecting a contract offer to work at Queensland Academy for Creative Industries. It was sink or swim, being neither primary nor special needs trained. However, Jessica further developed her passion for teaching and pursued professional development in differentiated instruction.


Jessica has travelled extensively on a world-wide scale. Experiences from which her practice often reflects.


The birth of her first son in 2012, the challenges of raising her family has provided Jessica with opportunties for personal growth extensively informing her arts practise. Jessica is developing bodies of work in photography and fine arts, alongside raising her small family and dedication to teaching.


Artful Snippets Studio & Art School began mid 2013.

Read an article about Jessica's teaching through Artful Snippets here:


(Can't draw a straight line, Jess can show you how; 22 Aug, 2014)

Please email for a complete CV -




2009 - Bach. Creative Industries (Visual Arts)/ Bach. Secondary Education (Hon. Class 1) - Queensland University of Technology




2013 – Current | Proprietor, coordinator, art teacher and runs workshops - Artful Snippets Studio & Art School, Brisbane

2013 – Current | Planner of masterclasses/workshops by national professional artists; Artful Snippets Studio & Art School

2012 – Current | Tutor of visual arts/ Tutor of literacy and numeracy

2010 – Current | Primary & Secondary Queensland State school teacher

2013 | Art teacher, drawing courses and painting at local Brisbane art studio

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