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About Our Regular Classes

During Covid-19 Artful Snippets will offer limited online 'live' art classes in conjunction with our in-studio classes. Class structure is below.

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Please note - Limited Administration Hours

As we work from our private studio and have a busy teaching schedule, our adminstration hours are limited.


We generally respond to email and phone inquiries on Mondays only.

Use our Contact Us form under the 'About' tab above.


You may join at any point during the term and attend weekly or casual classes. Beginners through to the more advanced art student/participant of any age welcome. We offer adults classes, as well as classes for children and teens. If interested in our drawing course and workshops, please email a request as these may be booked out.

Your teacher will create a plan with you based on your current skill levels and aims/goals. The content of classes remains flexible due to the nature of the students in each class. Our programs are tailor made to each student with the group in mind. Some classes are more structured and others offer micro lessons within a studio style of class. Groups are kept small and only a few beginners taken on at a time to give the appropriate amount of time required.


- Drawing (Beginners course through to advanced participants)


Soft pastels

Coloured pencils

Mixed media

Journal work

- Painting



Mixed media

- Watercolour painting (foundations/contemporary)

- Clay making (Beginners)

- Sculpture

Wire, plaster, mixed media

Our teachers are experienced teachers and visual artists - much of their experience and time goes into the classes for each student to develop the necessary creative and technical skills for individual purposes (eg. hobby, to exhibit, relax time, as a developing artist, to be a professional creative).

We have a detailed information package available. It describes our class structure, teacher pedagogy, our philosophy as an art school and how we cater for the individual in our classes.

Our Founder - Qualified Teacher - Creative Industries/Visual Arts and Secondary Education degrees (Hon Class 1) from Australia. Jess is a qualified registered teacher with experience teaching adults and University students, as well as Education Queensland secondary and primary school students. She is a practicing exhibiting visual artist.

Priority enrolment is given to previously enrolled students. Please inquire regarding availability and with enough interest, new classes will be created if  current classes are full!

Classes include:

Regular day time and evening classes for for adults, children and teens - separate classes. Age groups include: adults, teens, pre-teens and mature 6 year olds. 


Classes include studio time and structured lessons: painting and mixed media drawing, acrylic and oil painting, drawing techniques, coloured pencils, watercolours, clay making, and many more. 


Structured lessons - involves a variety of learning experiences/art pieces with focus on different mediums/materials and techniques planned by the teacher based on students'/participants needs.

Studio time - time for students/participants to work on art pieces of choice to develop techniques with guidance, one-on-one feedback and micro teaching lessons.

Workshops & Art Courses


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Content/skills and fine art mediums/techniques taught may change term by term depending on the needs of our students:



A variety of workshops and art courses are on offer on a regular basis throughout the year.

Workshops are generally only a few hours long and students aim to have one finished art piece by the end of it.


Art Courses include topics such as: technical drawing skills, foundational drawing, watercolours for beginners and intermediate students, soft pastels and portraits, life drawing lessons. 


Courses run over a number of weeks or a term and focus on specific art techniques, styles and artists with the aim for students to develop greater confidence with these areas in order to apply this understanding to their own art pieces. Course topics change on a term by term basis.


Contact us for more information.

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Terms and Conditions emailed upon booking. 0498835023

Images used on this website are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets including original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes.