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Missed a class?

Book a catch up class if there is space available in another appropriate class - either in-studio or online. Class sizes are limited, so please ask.


Online (via Zoom) has more availability for catch ups - this works well for students mid term. Please read more info in the next question "What if I'm Sick?".​

What if I'm sick?

Regular classes: please participate in your class online via Zoom if you can! Send a text or email beforehand to let us know. There is limited availability for in-studio catch up classes. A catch up class must be used in the same term classes are purchased for. Missed classes are forfeited by the end of each term and fees paid cannot be transferred to another term or refunded. Our regular classes include a variety of fee options which are already discounted. Deposits are also non refundable because they hold your position in a class for the term or for a specific class date, which could have been offered to another student or someone on our waiting list. ​For other workshops or events: more information provided provided upon booking or in our enrolment form upon booking. Please contact us if you get sick. See more information in OUR FAQ'S


We take the health of our participants and our own seriously. Classes are run in a manner which observes regulations set by our Government, and will be adjusted accordingly. By attending our classes, you agree to abide by the local government regulations when applicable.

Please do not attend classes if you are sick.

Situations which require us to limit in-studio/person classes - classes will continue online via Zoom when possible - participants will be notified via email. Zoom classes work well and is easy to use! We have student's living outside of Brisbane who participate this way.

IN THE STUDIO if required:

As well as the standard QLD Health rules, participants must adhere to the following -

  1. Socially distance in the studio. Minimise movement and stick to your chair and easel spot.

  2. Use hand sanitiser or wash hands upon ARRIVAL. Limit physical contact.

  3. Wear a mask when requiredCover coughs or sneezes

  4. Stay home if unwell. Participate online via Zoom for classes if unwell. If you are well but miss a class, a catch up class may be booked in the other class available during the term, in person or Zoom.

  5. Equipment: do not share as much as possible. Studio tables, chairs and equipment used by participants will be sanitised after use.

  6. Follow our ENTRY & EXIT points.

  7. If you need to drink or eat - BYO if necessary. Eat outside the studio and dispose of rubbish immediately.

In-studio class sizes may be limited due to space, when required by the Government.

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