​This gallery displays artworks created by some of our regular adult students while attending art lessons here at our studio.


Some of our students have never touched a pencil before, but are now creating beautiful pieces. Artworks include paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture and works in progress. These are a results of good times, excellent teaching, experimenting with art materials, persistence, artistic problem solving, loads of practise and time!

Each student creates for different purposes. 

Theses images include the artists' development as a beginner through to a more advanced student. 


  • Works in progress & experimental pieces for learning purposes

  • Original pieces as well as works inspired by other artists

  • Working (drawing/painting) from life

  • Developmental pieces

  • Commission pieces



Many artists don't display their first art pieces they create. Often, like the old master Impressionist painters, an artist will create a series of artworks before deciding which one they like or suits their needs or those of their audience.



​​Lucy has a developing practice in a variety of subjects and mediums including drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting, and pastels. Lucy has an eye for detail. She is passionate about the environment and the beauty within. She takes commissions - she is based in Brisbane.



Jacqui has a developing practice in a large variety of subjects and mediums including drawing, oil painting, watercolour painting, claymaking and pastels. Jacqui's style of creating has been compared to those of a modern fauvist. She completes many of her pieces with an ease in a style many are envious of. She takes commissions and is based in Brisbane.


Irena creates from her heart - each of her pieces has a special connection to herself or someone else, especially her portraits. Irena is beginning to explore a conceptual basis in upcoming pieces. What we can say about Irena is "watch this space!" She takes commissions - she is based in Brisbane.


With a photography degree, Toni has an eye for composition and detail. She is exploring different subjects and uses a range of mediums and techniques to achieve the right outcome for the right subject. She designs original pieces. Toni takes commissions and is based in Brisbane.




Hiromi began studying fine art techniques with us since the beginning of 2014. She constantly challenges her own skills as can be seen in the results of her beautiful pastel portraits.



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Please Note:  Images of artworks within this website that are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets includes original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes. These have been created by our beginner and experienced students and teacher unless stated otherwise. Mixed media, drawing, painting & sculpture.