Photographic Works

Intentionally un-edited, my photography practice remains authentic to the camera and notions of captured moments in time. The process almost becomes performance as I photograph outside - where unpredicability has a great influence. It is often in these moments that I capture just a few shots of what become the final works. Often working with live insects and critters - these provide the most exciting and unpredictable moments for me. My photographic works inform and cycle in and out of my fine art practice. They often form the basis for my two-dimensional mixed media pieces - and this is where the 'editing' may occur.


I am currently working on creating narratives in triptych forms. Images to come!


Narrative Works in Triptych - Creating a Story 2015 - Images to Come

Documentation & process Works

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Please Note:  Images of artworks within this website that are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets includes original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes. These have been created by our beginner and experienced students and teacher unless stated otherwise. Mixed media, drawing, painting & sculpture.