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Painting Equipments

Adult Classes Explained


At our Salisbury studio

A 'STUDIO BASED' class has structured lessons on an individual or small group basis. Studio means you get to choose the art mediums/materials and subjects/style you'd like to explore creatively and make an artwork or more! Our teacher, Jess, provides an optional warm-up task at the beginning of some lessons. Class Design:


  • Quality over quantity. Quality instruction = skills = creative confidence = more enjoyment

  • Based on the needs of the individual within the limitations of the group.


Ever get the feeling you are just getting into your artwork, then class ends?

Classes are every 2 weeks during terms (eg. 5 classes over a 10 week term). Longer classes:

  • Encourage a DEEPER involvement in the artwork.

  • More time to learn, apply, problem solve (without a weekly commitment)

  • Self-care time. Become absorbed in painting or drawing.

  • More time in-between classes to practise if you can

  • For now, ZOOM is available if you're not feeling well enough to attend in person. Email me ASAP.



Live via Zoom

Online classes are structured the same as the 'studio based' class above, but as a live interaction via Zoom and held at the same time and day as our in-studio classes - so you are a part of the class

  • If you prefer shorter Zoom classes, choose between attending for 2 or 3.5 hours. Start time is the same for both. 

  • Online participants receive 1-2 emails with feedback on artworks in-between classes.

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