In-studio & Online Classes


NEW? You are welcome to use studio materials for your first class, except for canvases.

Materials lists - please ask.

If you're joining over Zoom, you'll need your own materials to begin with. But keep it simple!


We can discuss materials after your first class. 


of ideas/styles and any specific pictures/photos you wish to create from!

Email these to me and bring printed copies of A4 size (both colour and grayscale).

Easels, tables, water pots, rags, digital projector are supplied. 

A drawing kit (drawing course materials) is usually available for $25. We can discuss materials after your first class. 

The FIRST CLASS OF THE TERM is usually busy getting everyone started, so please bear with me!



It is best to have a couple of planned art pieces ready to go, including something you can get started on independently.

Or being with warm ups!

Available in the studio or can be emailed for ZOOM students: 
list of ‘art tasks’ for painting or drawing based on specific skills, design element or principles if you need it while you wait.

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Terms and Conditions emailed upon booking. 0498835023

Images used on this website are produced by past and present students/teachers of Artful Snippets including original artworks, as well as artworks inspired by other artists for study and learning purposes.